Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday thoughts (well... Sunday)

First off, Michael Phelps is awesome. 8/8 in gold medals, 7 of them world records. Just awesome.

I loved Usain Bolt's 100 meter race too. He shattered the world record and let up before going the whole way. Amazing that this was Jamaica's first gold medal in the Olympics for the 100m... it seems to me that they've been in the hunt before, but maybe that's just been in the last several years.

Also, it is weird seeing Brett Favre in a Jet's uni, but... I can actually cheer for him now! Now that he's not on the Packers, I'm the biggest Brett Favre fan in the country! Just as long as they don't play the Bears.

I have been a bum the last two days. I told myself that I was just going to take my day off yesterday and work out today... and I didn't. Tomorrow is my run, so I can't miss that... but I wanted to do SOMETHING today, even if it was just go for a bike ride. Shoot, just realize I missed my workout with the push up challenge too... better go do that now!


john - from fat to fit said...

People seem to be critizing Bolt for slowing down like that but I think he said it best when he said "I am already the world record holder, I was only interested in winning"

Other than Phelp's, the coolest story of the Olympics is this 6'5" sprinting wonder.

PointSpecial said...

I totally agree. His comments after the fact were awesome in my opinion... "I'm just happy, I'm just happy." He didn't care about the record nearly as much as he cared about winning the gold medal, and that shows a lot more humility to me. I liked that he didn't showboat as he crossed the line either... He just ran hard and when he got to the end, he could slow down, because he was in front by so much!