Friday, August 15, 2008

Push up Challenge feedback

So, like I said last night, I started with my first real "workout" with the pushup challenge. I'm amazing at where it makes me sore... I would have thought that my arms and chest would be the most sore... but it's my abs!

I also saved myself some money last night. On a whim, I searched the internet for discounts for Sprint cell phones... and there's SO much out there! I've been a Sprint customer for 8 years and, though I've got an ok plan, I still have paid about $80 for my phone and my wife's. We've also recently (since our move to IL) gone over on our minutes, which has cost us $120!

Well, I found several places that there used to be a discount called a SERO discount that got 500 mins for $30. Unfortunately, not only has it expired as of last month, it can't be used for family plans. I did also find, though, a "customer loyalty discount." So, I called them up last night, and now my cell phone bill costs 10% less! Just like that! Sprint also has corporate discounts available for lots of companies. You can find out more about that HERE. All you need to do is put in your work email address, and if your employer qualifies for discounts, that's extra $$ off your bill!

On another whim, I did a search for a free headset. I don't talk on the phone while I'm driving much, but when I do, I don't like to have to hold my phone. That, and it's likely safer to have both hands on the wheel (10 and 2 and all that...). Well, I found a company that gives away headsets for just the cost of shipping! will send you a free headset! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they have one for our phones... but I've sent in an email to check. I'll let you know how it goes.

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