Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 3 with a bonus link!

Off day today. Well, it's planned to be off... I might go for a walk today because I'm actually enjoying getting outside and exercising... imagine that!

The MWWITW and I talked it over... we're going to go to Brookfield Zoo tomorrow instead 'cause it's open later.

I'm going to spend some more time going through stuff that still doesn't have a place yet... I really don't like moving because things don't have places... I'm a "collector" as it is, so when things DO have places... I manage to find things that don't have a place.

So, I've got a whole bunch of things sitting in our living room that probably need to be thrown away... but I have this whole discussion with myself... am I ever going to need/want this again? I don't know... so I can't throw it away!

Here's something neat to look at to pass the time...:

Dinner in the sky

This is super expensive... but it would be an awesome experience!

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