Saturday, June 13, 2009

I found this blog post:

and thought it was a great perspective compared with what the national media has thrown in our faces with the economy lately. I think it would be amazing if people started hearing this... and did what it actually said and bought low. It would drive the prices up (which would help the people who bought low even more!) and the nay-sayers wouldn't be able to say nay anymore because one of their all-hell-is-breaking-loose barometers is saying that hell is nicely reined-in, thank you very much!

I thought about this a few months ago with Walgreens stock... it was at about $22... It has jumped back up to over $31. That's a 41% return in about 3 months. I didn't make the move because I'd like to keep the two pennies that I managed to scrounge up to scrape together (helps the boys go to sleep)... but it seems like there's money to be made right now. Walgreens sure isn't going to go away... and this "downturn" isn't going to last forever (well, unless the government makes decisions that PREVENT us from being able to recover natually...).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Welcome to summer...?

So, this one time, I used to have this blog that I posted on... it was pretty good for me because it kept me going with certain things that I wanted to do, like run and work out... but then I stopped. Life got in the way. Or at least that was my excuse.

I've discovered something about myself. I'm an idea guy. I come up with great ideas about things that I should do.

But I'm not really a doer. I was going to run a 5k last fall. I did about half the training I was supposed to do... but then life got in the way and I stopped. And I didn't run the 5k. Then I was going to do the 100 push up challenge. I got through 2(?) weeks. Then I stopped. I did manage to get through a whole church basketball league (Champions!) but then, when I was going to train for another 5k (that was today) and do the 100 push up challenge... I didn't.

I've got plenty of excuses... namely these guys:

Here's a prime example. I started writing this yesterday while the dudes were napping... and then they got up. So I played with them for a while and never got a chance to come back and finish this, because I had to work last night from 3-11.

But things are going to change. For real this time. Because I got a new job! On June 15th I'm starting a job that allows me to use my major and is an office job. It's a nice raise and an 8:30-5:00 job, so my weekends will be off and I'll be home for bedtime stuff with the kids. The other thing this will allow is for me to have a normal schedule. With my old job, I worked 9-5 on Monday, 4-11 on Tuesday, 9-5 on Thursday, 2-10 on Friday and 3-11 on Saturday. I didn't have a weekend and I couldn't get into a rhythm because I worked later than I wanted to actually be going to bed on certain nights.

I'm hoping to switch my schedule around and get to bed at maybe 11 at the latest, maybe 10. The kids get up so early in the morning (and they go down at about 7) that it doesn't make any sense to not get sleep while they're sleeping. That allows me to maximize my time with them and maximize my sleep too.

Last Sunday in our Pastor's sermon, he talked about how he realized that everything he did after a certain point (I think it was 10:00) was pretty much just wasted time. It wasn't that he was doing bad things, per say, but he wasn't doing anything useful. So he started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier and thus he was productive for more of his waking hours (and ultimately less selfish too).

So, once my job starts I'm going to work towards getting on a "normal" schedule. This will mean getting up quite a bit earlier than I need to in the morning to allow me to eat breakfast, maybe go for a run, shower, spend some time with God and my family and then head off to work (not rushed).

Because of this job change, it puts school on the back burner. I may still take a class, but I certainly won't be able to take a full load. That might be good, though. School was becoming a purely academic pursuit for me and I definitely don't want that out of my seminary experience. I was just squeaking by and even though I managed to get all B's last semester, I didn't get out of my classes everything I could have if I had spent more time on things. But... that's really tough working full time and being a full time dad!

More to come about this change... My last two days at the pharmacy are Monday and Tuesday, then I have the rest of the week off before I start on the 15th!