Monday, February 2, 2009

100 Push-ups Day one, Week one

Well, here goes nothing! Today was our first official day of the 100 push up challenge.

From 100 Push Ups

My wife and I both tested out at the 0-5 push up level on the initial test, so that puts us both in group one.

Here's the first week:

I ended up getting 6 in my max. The hardest part for me right now is my lack of core strength... which is the exact same thing that I noticed last time, too. I'm just going to work through it, of course... but I'm going to look to other ways to strengthen my core to help everything along too!

Here's what we have to look forward to:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weigh-in and 100 Push Up Challenge

Well, it's Sunday, which means that a Thursday came and went... so I did another weigh-in!

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So, yet again, things went down... but not as far down as two weeks ago! This isn't a great trend!

My wife and I are going to start doing the 100 push up challenge again today, though... so that should help me to be able to get my metabolism working again and try and lose some more weight again!

So last night, we did the initial test. I tested into the 0-5 group again... so I've got a ways to go, but it's a starting point! My wife is going to do it with me this time so that should help both of us stay on track!

I also may potentially be starting a basketball league through church. It's supposed to start either this week or next, and I haven't gotten any emails about it... but I really hope it works out!