Thursday, August 7, 2008


I want to be able to keep track of my progress. Now, I don't have a specific weight loss goal, because it's not important to me. I just want to get back in good shape so I can be around for my kiddos down the road. And though it is not a goal, per say, I do want to see how much weight I do lose. I mean, I always said that I could lose the weight if I wanted to... I want to make sure I wasn't a liar!

So, as a baseline before I start, my weight is 325.8 lbs. That's about 25 pounds more than when I got married a little over two years ago, 65 pounds more than my heaviest playing weight during college, 115 pounds more than my senior year of high school, and 150 pounds more than my drivers license after my freshman year of high school.

...Now, I do have to be honest... I was really skinny in high school and I filled out in college. But I ballooned after I stopped playing basketball.

So, I've got a baseline before I start training for my 5k!

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