Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More than just a running plan

Well, in addition to my running plan and my training for a 5k, I'm also going to be doing a couple of other things to get in shape.

First off, I'm going to also do the 100 push up challenge. This plan will help me develop my upper body as well, which will help me with my metabolism (more in a later post about that) and with my core, so I don't lose the momentum of my arms in my gut.

I just did the initial test. First off... it's lots tougher than push ups when I was in shape... I wasn't "pushing up" as much, and my body didn't touch the ground quite as early on the way down!

I also am tracking my weight loss at www.skinnyr.com . They've got graphs so you can track it really easily, like below, with my baseline:

Get your own graph at skinnyr

It's impossible to follow a trend with one point... but it makes it easy to set goals!

Time to watch more of the Olympics! Michael Phelps won his 3rd gold medal and set his third World record (his 10th medal - the most all time, and his 25th world record, one less than the most of all time for world records). Have I mentioned yet that he's awesome?


Michael said...

That's crazy, I was just going to blog about the push up challenge myself.

PointSpecial said...

It looks like a good gradual plan. I've heard plenty about how good push ups are... and it's better than doing nothing!

Michael said...

True. Eventually I'd like to start doing the Crossfit program. Not sure if you're familiar with it, but it's pretty intense.