Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More about the Olympics

So, as I've said, I've been watching the Olympics. The time difference is starting to get to me a little bit though. I usually watch in the evenings (which is live, I think), and then I'll also listen to the radio in the morning, and they'll talk about the Olympics then. ... But there's a bit of a disconnect somewhere... I watch and (obviously) see what happens, and I listen and often times hear what I saw... but sometimes they talk about things that I missed. Now, this isn't unnatural... I'm asleep, so I'm not watching.

But the problem comes in when I turn on Olympic coverage that night... They pretty much continue coverage from the LAST night... and don't assume that anything that happened after I went to sleep has happened yet! So, if they watch some tape-delayed coverage, it's like it happened live... but really it happened 18 hours ago!

So, that brings me to Michael Phelps. According to the radio this morning, he's 5/5 in gold medals, but I think I've only seen 3 of them... so did I miss 2, or will I see those tonight? Arg!?!

Speaking of records... especially in swimming, it seems like EVERY gold medal winner is breaking the record for that particular race. In the relay I watched last night (800 meter freestyle), the American's shattered it and then blew up the shards into tiny pieces. They beat the previous record by 4.5 seconds! And in the 4x100 freestyle (the one where the French were running their mouths) the Americans beat the previous record by 3.99 seconds. That previous record was beaten by the Americans (#1), French (#2), Australians (#3), Italians (#4), and Swedish (#5). That means that the Italians and Swedish swam faster than anyone had ever swam before... and didn't even get a medal!

Mental Floss talked about the fact that records are falling faster than Bohemian elites from a second story window.

They list 6 reasons why the records are being broken so relatively easily.

In terms of training... I'm trying to decide what I am going to do today. My legs are telling me that I need a day off. I'm still aching from my run on Monday. Today was supposed to be another run/walk day, but I may take it off to try to recover, so it won't ruin the rest of my workouts this week.

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