Friday, September 19, 2008


It's beginning to be about that time...! My wife is currently at a little over 32 weeks with the little ones... and the doctors said that if we get to 35 weeks, we should be golden! She's hoping for at least 36 weeks... I'm hoping for... 3 years? (just kidding!). There's certainly a give and take with when they come, though. If they come too early, their lungs may not be fully developed and they may need to spend some time in the NICU. And if they... uh... bake(?) longer, they'll get bigger, which isn't a bad thing... once they're out! I love my wife and I think she's a rock star. I know she's going to do awesome with the whole childbirth... but it's going to be hard.

From our Lamaze class a few weeks ago, there was something that stuck out that's hung with me. The sentiment that "hospitals are go when you're sick" (or, as my grandfather used to say, "Hospitals are where you go when you die") holds for just about every instance where you'd go to the hospital... except for childbirth. Childbirth is normal, natural and (... something else I can't remember... guess it didn't stick with me as well as I thought!). I just thought that was a very interesting idea... because many people, like my grandpa, DON'T have a good feeling about hospitals, and honestly, it's hard to!

But in no other instance does going to the hospital bring you a wonderful perfect new life (or lives in our case!). It may make you better... but the thought is that, prior to whatever it was that caused you to have to go to the hospital, you were fine as you were.

With the birth of our children, I'm going to be stretched in ways I didn't even KNOW I could be stretched. But I'm also going to be blessed in unimaginable ways, too. People have told me they think I'll be a good dad... and I hope they're right! I had/have a good mentor in my own father, and we both did with my grandpa too. I just hope that the "trials" I'm going to have to endure when they're very young will strengthen me and make me a better man so that, as they grow, I can grow too and be an even better dad.

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Jessica said...

Birthing is awesome. Are they actually going to let Kate labor and try vaginal? If you can that's super awesome. Either way, you guys will do great! I know I enjoyed hearing other mom's birth stories, and though I didn't have twins (though sometimes I think Danny counts for two), you may enjoy it. It's on my blog from WAAAY back- probably Nov. 06.