Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another tool

I think the internet is great... I keep finding these amazing tools that will help me keep track of... well... just about everything!

I was over at Pokey's blog "Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Slow Poke" and I noticed that she's using a tool called "Running ahead" that helps her to keep track of her distances.

There's a little under a foot of snow on the ground right now... I'm not going to be doing much running any time soon (at least out doors), but I'll be able to use this come spring to see just how far I run!

... Of course, I was humbled a bit when two of my friends from school stopped by my work... in the middle of a 5 mile run, in the 8 inch deep snow. When asked how it was running in snow, they said it was kind of like running in sand... EXCEPT THAT SAND ISN'T USUALLY COLD!

Those guys are hard core... they ran a 4-man race around Door County, WI with each guy running about 11 miles... and they didn't even really train for it.

Some people just have it in their genes I think...

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