Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Website Review

And now for something completely different...

I was contacted to do a review of a website on my blog so here goes!

I am reviewing the website: http://www.lombok.co.uk/ and specifically the pages for:

Log Baskets: http://www.lombok.co.uk/Log-Baskets-CLOGBASKET/

Lamp Shades: http://www.lombok.co.uk/Lamp-shades-CLAMPSHADE/

and Laundry Baskets: http://www.lombok.co.uk/Laundry-Baskets-CLAUNDBASKET/

This website is brand new to me, so I wanted to find out a bit about it. They have an "about us" tab at the bottom of the page, which is great! Turns out the owner lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and was inspired by Asian-designed furniture, so upon returning back to London, he decided to start a company that brought the beauty of this furniture to Great Britain and the world!

I love the general design of the website. The pieces are logically separated into appropriate living spaces for easy access and the always important search option is clear on the page but not overpowering. It's there if you need it but it doesn't draw attention from the subject of the pages... the furniture!

Now to the important parts... the log baskets, lamp shades, and laundry baskets.

First, the log baskets. I could see these fitting in just about any room with a fire place. The style transcends different looks and would work in a casual sense or a more formal setting. Unfortunately, these were out of stock at this writing so they were not currently available.

One thing that is a bit difficult for me is the pricing. Being an American, I want to see the prices in dollars, not pounds sterling. It was easy to look up a conversion online (today, one pound equals about $1.40), but I've seen sites that have different language options depending on where you're from (so it would be in English if you choose the "American" option, Spanish if you say you're from Spain, etc). This might work the same way for pricing, especially for pricing for continental Europe, on the Euro.

And while these are posted on a site that is decidedly Asian in style, there isn't anything particularly Asian in these baskets, though they do look very well made.

Now the lamp shades. There is quite of a variety in the lamp shades with traditional, as well as more contemporary styles. These, as well, don't seem particularly Asian inspired... but the materials are not the same as is typically sold in America (more silks, etc).

Finally, the laundry baskets. Actually, the Rattan basket is my favorite piece of all that I saw. It totally has an Eastern look that would bring some culture and flair to a home.

Overall, this is a great looking site that presents its wares in a visually appealing and unique way. It really stands out to me compared to other sites that I have seen that present furniture and it offers a product that is one of a kind.

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Sid said...

Do you know if Lombok sells to India?