Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gearing up for another go... and Fitness Magazine highlight

Well, the couch to 5k plan was pretty good for me last fall... but it really only works if you actually do it! I missed too many days and tried to catch up, but it was to no avail. Through that program, though, and a few other changes (namely my job), I did manage to lose about 15 pounds. But honestly, it was more the work change than anything else. Amazing what happens when you go from a job where you sit on your duff all day to one where you're on your feet, running around for 8 hours!

Anyway, back to the running... I do have tentative plans to run a 5k in my hometown on June 6th (the good old Cosley run at the Cream of Wheaton!). I've thought about just restarting the couch to 5k again, but it didn't seem structured enough for me... It was just three days a week, and I feel like I need to do more than that, or I won't do it at all.

I just found out that Fitness Magazine has a running section complete with training guides. Now, yes, it is true that Fitness is geared towards that OTHER gender... but I looked at their beginning plans and they look good. The first one is similar to the couch to 5k, and it is found HERE. It is the same basic idea... but this one is a six week program instead of 9. Nine weeks is probably better in terms of working yourself up... but it is harder to keep going for 9 weeks than for 6, and it includes more days of the week with workouts (4 vs. 3). Part of the difficulty with this, though, is that my work schedule is so weird. I work a 9-5 on Monday and Thursday, but my Tuesday is 3-11, and Friday and Saturday can be anywhere from 9-5 to 3-11. That will make my work out schedule difficult and I will have to plan out my weeks before hand, making sure that I get my runs in before work on days where I need to... because running at 11:30 PM... yeah, not going to happen!

Anyway, back to Fitness Mag.... they've also got a 5k cardio training guide which would work out well when retraining for a race (after I've worked my way up to the initial 5k). I'm going to pencil in the Morton Arboretum run again in October again, and this year I really won't have too many excuses.

It's not a Thursday... but I don't have much time to post on Thursdays because I'm playing in a basketball league! So, the weigh-in comes today. I did one about a week and a half ago and did a couple of other ones... but I forgot the values, so we'll just pretend they didn't happen!

Not much difference... and the difference there is goes in the wrong direction!

Get your own graph at skinnyr

I was so close to getting below that 300 lb mark... and I wasn't hardly doing anything. I'm even working out more now, what with my Bball league and all... but it doesn't seem to be having that much of an impact. Perhaps if (ahem... WHEN!) I start walking/running again, I'll be able to jump below that barrier!

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