Thursday, October 16, 2008

First day of practice

How about a little nostalgia...? Today (well, yesterday, it's after midnight) is October 15th, the first official day of practice for Division III basketball. Three years ago, I would have been (as my wife so eloquently put it) "running my butt off." Ya know, there's more to that phrase than first meets the eye!

This is the first year I've been away from Point since I graduated and it will be the first season where I'm not able to see more than a couple of games, max. Up until this point, I've known all the guys. This year's seniors were freshmen the year after I graduated, so I've followed their careers... from a tough freshman year, coming off the heals of back-to-back National Championships (and losing 6 seniors) to a sophomore season being ranked, #1 in the country much of the year and not losing to another D-III team until January 24th, to a junior year spending the entire year ranked in the top 15, with much of it in the top 10. They had to overcome some injuries last year and ended up getting upset for the second year in a row in the NCAA tournament, but 4 starters return and they've all started most of their careers. This could be the year where it all pulls together... and I know I'm sure pulling for them!

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