Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hundred Pushups

Well... last week didn't go great for the hundred push ups. I only did the initial test and day one... and then got busy...? lazy...? I dunno what happened!

Well, this week, we started on Sunday with day 1 off of the initial test last week. My wife and I are doing the two hundred sit ups too... so she's the other half of the "we!" I made a mistake by doing the sit ups first so I was too tired for my push ups and had to bump down to the middle group as opposed to the far right group. When I initially did my test, I got 11... which is just barely in the far right group as it is, so I figured I would just do the middle group on hundredpushups week 1. Today I did day 2 and managed to max out with 8... one more than the required 7.

Sit ups are next. When we initially did the test, we did a whole bunch... but I'm used to doing sit ups (well, crunches, technically) for a limited period of time, like the Presidential Challenge fitness tests we used to do in grade school. I always managed to do decently well in those... but the situps I did were for speed, not for form. ...So, we decided to just start from week 1 and go from there instead of what the plan suggested... Based on the number of situps we did initially, we were supposed to jump to week 3. But we decided to do week 1 with good form. I can actually feel it in my abs doing it this way!

Since I'm blogging about working out, I should do a weigh-in too...

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Down a bit from last time... but still pretty much stagnant. I need to schedule in regular workouts. Every 3 days just isn't going to cut it.

The weather has started to get a bit nicer... it was in the 50's today, but it is supposed to get a bit chilly again tomorrow. Such is spring in Chicago!

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